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Zoo Med Sand Blasted Grape Vine 12" Long Approx.

Zoo Med Sand Blasted Grape Vine 12" Long Approx.

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Zoo Meds Sand Blasted Grapevine provides a natural climbing element for any terrarium, aviary or cage. This natural wood decoration offers a perfect basking area for reptiles that benefit from closer access to heat sources and UVB bulbs.


  • Sand blasted grapevine with different sized branches
  • Provides a basking area
  • Natural climbing element

This unique grapevine with different sized and shaped branches is both useful and beautiful. These branches can also provide foot exercise for chameleons and birds.

Note: Zoo Med Grapevines are natural products and sizes vary.

That being said.  You can pick the exact piece you want.  Here at HRP we take the guess work out of the variant and show you exactly what you are getting.  We present the piece on an 8"x8" scale platform for scale of size and you can also see the weight of the piece.  What you see is what you get.  Item is priced by weight and size.  Thanks Brian @ HRP.

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