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Happy Rock Pets

Skinny Polydactyl B/W Boar DOB 7-2-23 $150 Ready Date 8-2-23 AVAILABLE

Skinny Polydactyl B/W Boar DOB 7-2-23 $150 Ready Date 8-2-23 AVAILABLE

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Hi. Brian at Happy Rock Pets. You must contact us to inquire about any babies. They cannot be bought direct from the website. Just note in the description if title says available then they should still be available. If noted sold or reserved then they are not available. You can Email us with any questions you may have. or you can text 3197590103. Thanks Brian @ HRP


Most guinea pigs have four toes on each front foot and three toes on each hind foot. If your guinea pig has more, he has a condition known as polydactyly. Depending on the development of these toes, his polydactyly may be harmless.


Polydactyly can take a variety of forms. Most commonly it presents as an extra fourth toe on each hind foot, although extra toes on the front feet and multiple sets of extra toes are possible as well. These extra digits may be functional, complete with nerves and muscles, or they may be vestigial, useless to the guinea pig and only connected by a thin flap of skin. In either case, the claws usually grow at the same rate as those on other toes, and require the same level of care when you're trimming.

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