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Dry Cricket powder 14 g. - 112 g.

Dry Cricket powder 14 g. - 112 g.

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Dried crickets can be a regular source of protein-rich food they can be used as nutritious treats for wild birds, fish, chicken, and also pet reptiles, Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders. Traditionally, some people keep live crickets as pet feed. But this has its complications. Live crickets can be loud and annoying. They also contain odor which will affect your environment.  We have add a process of grinding dried crickets so they are safer to ingest for our Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders, tortoises, Turtles and Duck and many other insectivores.  Offered as a treat or added to their staple diets.

Dried crickets are the exact opposite. They are easy to handle, extremely convenient and will last for quite some time without losing their nutritional value. Crickets contain 58% crude protein, 14.5% crude fat, 6.5% in crude fiber, and 8% water. The crickets are also rich in important minerals including iron, copper, magnesium, and zinc. They are also quite easy to digest for animals. So give Our version of ground cricket treat a try and watch them enjoy a high protein treat.  Brian @ HRP

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