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60pcs, Waterfall Incense Cone, Many Scents to choose from, Aromatherapy Reflux

60pcs, Waterfall Incense Cone, Many Scents to choose from, Aromatherapy Reflux

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In the dropdown you will choose the scent waterfall choices.
Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and avoid placing it with corrosive substances.
Effect: Soothing emotions, improving sleep quality, refreshing air, enhancing attention and concentration

Step 1. Select the appropriate aromatherapy Cones.:
Choose suitable aromatherapy granules based on personal preferences and needs, such as lavender, roses, etc.
Step 2. Place fragrant Cones:
Place the aromatherapy Cones in a suitable container, such as an aromatherapy lamp, incense burner, aromatherapy stone, or aromatherapy pendant.
Step 3. Add essential oil (optional):
According to personal preferences, a few drops of essential oil can be added to the fragrance cones to enhance the concentration and durability of the fragrance.
Step 4. Place in a suitable position:
Place aromatherapy particles in a suitable location in the room, such as the bedroom, living room, or office.
Step 5. Observation and adjustment:
Based on personal feelings, observe the concentration and persistence of the fragrance, and adjust the number of fragrance particles or the amount of essential oil added in a timely manner.
Step 6. Safe Use:
When using aromatherapy cones, it is important to pay attention to safety, ensure that the cones do not come into contact with flammable substances, and also avoid accidental consumption by children or pets.

Kind reminder:
Everyone has different preferences and reactions to fragrance, so when using aromatherapy cones, you can adjust and try according to your own preferences and feelings to achieve the best soothing effect.

1. The manual measurement error is 2-5g
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